70yr old female bloody nipple discharge with breast lump measuring 1.8cm .. irregular in outline..fnac from lump done.. opinion please



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Cellular smear shows clusters and dispersed population of ductal epithelial cells intermixed with fair numbers of myoepithelial cells.Ductal cells shows with round to oval cell,mild to moderate cytoplasm,predominantly centrally placed bland nucleus, inconspicuous nucleoli in hemorrhagic background. Proliferative breast diseases without atypia.

Mam there are prominent nucleoli in each cell..

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Fibrocystic change Ductal (epithelial)hyperplasia Focal cellular atypia Sug.triple test approach.

Myoepithelial cells and bare bipolar nuclei are absent. Many dispersed single epithelial cells with intact cytoplasm are present. Stromal fragments may b present in some invasive tumours suggesting invasion.

Moderatly cellular smears show aggregates of ducttal epithelial cells along with myoepithelial cells. Individual ductal epithlial cells have round to ovoid nuclei with mild anisokaryosis and moderate amout of cytopplasm. Few scattered cyst macrophages are seen. Stomal fragments is also noted. No evidence of granuloma and malignancy is seen. Impression - Benign breast disease consistant with Fibrocystic disease with epitheliosis. Adv.- 1. Clinico-Radiological correlation. 2. Biopsy may be considered if clinically or Radiologocally suspicious.

Atypical ductal hyperplasia Please do biopsy for confirmation as smears show quite a lot atypical cells with 10th picture showing prominent nucleoli also in high power

Smears are moderately cellular and are showing loosely arranged disassociate clusters and few isolated single cells with nuclear pleomorphism. Bare oval nuclei are absent. F/S/O IDC OF Breast. Advised clinical and radiological correlation and if necessary biopsy for further evaluation of the patient

No evidence of malignancy or granuloma...benign breast disease consistent with fibrocystic disease and epithilosis.....

Bimodal population of cells,compact cells.. Favours florid epithelial hyperplasia, Intraductal papilloma should be kept in mind.

Fibroadenoma with focal atypia.

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