Scientific basis of Quarantine and Lockdown in COVID- 19

Scientic basis of Quarantine.of 14 days in COVID- 19 and Lockdown of the country for 40 days As Incubation period if COVID 19 is 1- 14 days - so a 14 days quarantine is advised followed by another 14 days home quarantine for contacts because if on 14th day person becomes positive he may continue to spread disease for another 14 days .About 97 % of patients develop disease in 11- 12 days and 99% by 14th day .According to an ICMR study social distancing can reduce the disease burden by 62 % in india. .So Lockdown for 21 + 19==40 days have sound reasoning since times immemorial .


Impressive and comprehensive reasoning for quarantine. No Vaccine,no treatment and no cure. We are justifying your failure to understand the nature of virus transmitted by various means and as a doctor and researcher we are trying our best to contain this dragon with no visible solution worlds best brains put their knees down and it proves more powerful than man made weapons definitely we may find answers to all questions sooner or later but this is time to rethink or re evaluated our research capacity and pre prepareness to face such kind of eventuality in future. I totally agree with you on social or physical distending and other preventive steps . Purely my personal opinion .
Thanks Dr Vipin Bihari Jain

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This is a nice informative post with reasoning of quarantine for 14 days but this is as the information we are getting after vivid research done by the scientists in different corners in the world. Many more things to come up and one more thing we know about virus the altime going on genetic mutation and changing the character of their own and who knows some different strain will not come up with different characters with incubation period, nauture of manifestation of illness with different signs and symptoms. But one more thing which is a great threat to the human society are the carriers who donot show any sing and symptoms but they are all time a threat for spreading.
Valuable opinion

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Quarantena is well known since980 and is useful 14 days for incubation period and remaining period for Social distancing. Lockdown is therefore will be effective in preventing Corona-19
I agree
Sir excellent reasioning for quarantine Yes social distancing is the only way to control this dragon Whatever treatment we are offering is symptomatic and not a assured result
I agree

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Impressive 62 percent can reduce cases stop anti bodies test of covid
Thank you doctor
Very nice updates and very useful.

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