72 year old man with a trivial history of fall 4 weeks back came to emergency with altered mental sensorium. CT is shown below. What is the diagnosis and management


A big left sided extradural haematoma with ipsilateral compression of lateral ventricle and midline shift. Urgent Burr hole exploration and evacuation of haematoma required and post operatively put the patient on ventilatory support for 2 days

It is subdural haematoma and not extradural haematoma. Apologetic for that. A typical biconcave opacity as compared to biconvex in EDH

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Left frontotemporoparietal Acute on sub acute SDH with transfalse herniation to rt with brain edema,compression of lt lateral ventricle with interhemispheric SDH.Needs urgent Neurosurgucal intervention

Eh with ipsilateral ventricle compression and mild Midline shift. So urgent neurosurgeon reference.( burr hole to evacuate hematoma and decrease ict)

Extra dural hematoma.Midline shift to right. Burr hole immediate decompression

This is an acute SDH with midline shift. Requires urgent decompressive craniotomy with evacuation of SDH. If there is significant brain bulge then, better to go for craniectomy. Kindly take a drug history for any blood thinners. In any case, he requires craniotomy.

subdural hematoma

CT is hyperintense which is seen in acute clot only and chronic SDH intensity less than brain intensity like CSF

Acute sdh Craniotomy and evacuation

Left F-T-P chronic SDH Burr hole Coagulation profile

That was acute on chrinic SDH.Burr hole evacuation can be attempted.

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