72 yr F,No known disease,symptomatic for 4 months, ocassional lt hemicranial head ache with out vomiting 3 months, mild unsteadiness 2 weeks On exam bilateral papilledema , LT LMN mild facial weakness , LT sensorineural deafness with left sided cereballar signs. All blood work up normal.After investigation she was refered to the Neurosurgeon for further management Diagnosis?..


There is brain stem compression with hydrocephalus , pl check again with the 1st film. Thanks for the 1st answer

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Lt CP angle rumor c contrast enhancement. Vestibular schwanoma. Why there is BIL papilledema?

Left cerebellar hemisphere show a tumor Looks encapsulated Compression the cause of symptoms Has it been operated? What does the radiologist say?

LT. CP TUMOR vestibular schwannomas Dx Neurosurgery required for the excision of the tumuor,in some cases radiation therapy also required. After excision follow up with neurologist required.

Left CP angle tumor (vestibular schwannoma) with hydrocephalus hence papilledema. Requires excision. May or may not require VP shunt.

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Left CP angle tumour Vestibular Schwanoma

Left cp angle tumor

Lt cp angle mass wt mass effect over 4th ventricle leading to hydrocephalous

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