73y/M difficultly in walking Burning sensation in both foot Weakness while walking



l4 l5 anterolisthesis with cervical myelopathy also.does he hv umn signs.?if yes then treat d higher level first n then d lumbar too.if not then neck exercises with lumbar fixation.

C4/5 and L4/5 anterolisthesis Possible cord compression at C 2/3 level Root compression in lumbar spine At this age conservative treatment Analgesics Muscle relaxants Gabapentin will help Physiotherapy

l4 n c4 listhesis with obliteration of csf spaces present . would like to examine the patient to determine the level of compression if any.as pt is 73 yrs..shall consider conservative mx first. if no improvement. .then shift to sx

Do a detailed clinical examination. Delineate the involved level If motor deficit is present, surgery is indicated.

Please be specific in the symptoms and signs....radiology alone is not diagnostic in neurology

Weakness is in which specific muscle group MRI of ls spine will help

to rule out DM neuropathy Advise- physiotherapy+Pyridoxin&Benfotiamine Suppott

This is a case of cx myelopathy with spondylolisthesis L4-5. Treat with cervical traction and inj epidural steroid L4-5 and oral steroids along with strengthening exercises.

Y epidural injection

Any weakness in the muscle groups?? Assess it.. If not than vitamin B12 deficiency can also be the cause.. Can do blood investigation for vitamin B12...

Mostly diabetes peripheral neuropathy

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