73y/M difficultly in walking Burning sensation in both foot Weakness while walking



l4 l5 anterolisthesis with cervical myelopathy also.does he hv umn signs.?if yes then treat d higher level first n then d lumbar too.if not then neck exercises with lumbar fixation.

We need investigate by MRI ,it may be spinal camal stenosis

Any weakness in the muscle groups?? Assess it.. If not than vitamin B12 deficiency can also be the cause.. Can do blood investigation for vitamin B12...

Icing, stretching to the sole

Weakness is in which specific muscle group MRI of ls spine will help

Mostly diabetes peripheral neuropathy

in this case the MRI will helpfull to investigate the actual problem

Hello brother Mri already done Please check

rule out for diabetes. start vitamin b12 and calcium. access and advise for strength training for weak muscle group. lumbar exs as well as postural correction exs should be given .

Listhesis present at L4-L5 level. Is patient diabetic.? MMT.?

Anterolysthesis of c4 over c5causing myelopathy

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