74/female Known diabetic since 15 years on insulin HAI 14 units- 14 units- 14 units, Inj Basalog 12 units 10pm, Known hypertensive since 6 months not on medications, IHD (post plasty in Jan 2022) details not available came with complaints of burning micturition of urine and decreased urine output since 10 days, left sided headache, facial pain and numbness since 8 days, left sided eye pain and swelling since 6 days Intermittent fever with chills over last 10 days Referred from ophthalmology unit at an outside hospital in view of controlled BSLs and left eye proptosis Post COVID contact history In EMD BSL high, urine sugar 4+, ketones moderate, ABG: mild compensated metabolic acidosis Started on insulin infusion PR- 96bpm BP- 140/80mmHg SpO2: 92% on 4L/min O2 with nasal prongs CNS: conscious, obeying commands Pupils: b/l RTL ENT ref: ? Suspected mucormycosis Left discoloration of palate+ MRI brain+ orbit+ PNS with contrast DNS c/m in ENT OPD Patient accepted in joint care Ophthal ref: Review with CT orbit+ PNS/ MRI with contrast with orbital comment Dilated fundus evaluation c/m

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