74 yr female alright before 2 mnths presented c/o dysponea, cough, wt loss and rt sude chest pain since 2 mnths. rs - air entry absent rt side



Dear Dr patel.. It is a case of hydro Pneumothorax.. You should put one more tube in 2nd intercostal space.. Midclavicular line.. If lung reexpansion is not happening.. Cause is to be found out.. Broncho pleural fistula or trapped lung.. Possibilities of both causes are there..

thanks for information

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First radiograph show white out rt lung field without mediastinal shift. So a malignant lesion has to be ruled out keeping even age into consideration. Second radiograph show hydropneumothorax as the icd is in lower zone it is only addresing the fluid another icd has to be put for pneumothorax. Suggest to do a CECt chest.

likely moderate to massive pleural effusion, cect thorax is needed to know underlying lung, as malignant chance v high. initial pleural aspiration and analysis including malignant cells need . ICD putting is not wise decision without knowledge of intrabronchial lesion.

very true sir....

where is ICD? Most probably malignant pleural effusion. may try closed suction if no expansion post ICD. If proved malignant only palliative treatment including ICD at home and if lung expanded pleurodesis.

massive effusion on first xray after fluid removal there is entrapped lung, pleura appears thickened apply negative suction see the response if lung doesn't expand pt required decortication

Right sided pleural effusion. Most probably Ca Lung

aftr icd rt lung did not expand so either its a trapped lung or intrabronchial pathology

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rt.pleural effussion,,possibly malignant

pleural effusion rt side with Koch's

Yes rt pleural effusion

as there is midline shift to opposite side chances of Lung expansion are there. initially though not visible reduction of effusion pt gets symptomatic relief due to decreased pressure on diaphragm along with restoration of its contour ( depressed due to massive effusion)

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