Short breath in pregnancy

32/F C/O-- shrotness of breath O/E- b/l chest clear., no pedal oedema, Well oriented, no discoloration of limbs Nd lips. Ongoing 22 weeks pregnancy, On Rx- inj maintain 500 1 weekly Tab livozen-z Tab shelcal Cap lycored Protein powder Cap evion 400 (for leg cramps) Hb-9. 8, RBS-82 ECG attached USG for foetal well being is normol. .. Kindly give suggestions for Rx nd Dx for shortness of breath...

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It happens in some cases after 20 + weeks of pregnancy firstly due to increase in size of uterus ,which push diaphragm upward secondly due to over medication and regular investigation and evaluation ,it creates doubts in the mind that all is not well. Reassurance and counciling required. Regular rest after meal. Minimum medication maximum nutrition containing balanced ingredients and change in life style. Continue treatment + Haptoglobin +unizyme 2TSF BD AFTER meal.
Thanks Dr Ramesh Kumar Singh

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Anemia itself
Any cardiac involvement sir????
Intraabdominal fullness cause pressure on diaphragm. Anemia is another cause. ECG and blood pressure not given. Mild exercises for ?obesity
Sir BP is 100/60 ...

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I couldn't locate the ECG Rest is anaemia Otherwise it is normal with advanced pregnancy usually breaths are short
Thanx dr Ramesh Kumar Singh

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No treatment for insomnia Anaemia correction Small frequent oil free diet Reassurance is most important
ANAEMIA/ protrusion of ABDOMEN due to pregnancy is caused of Breathlessness
Bp 100/60
Thanx to all... One more finding is patient is suffering from Insomnia.. Around 4-5 hour sleep in 24 hours Is any medicine????
Apply roghne chameli at temporal area with light hand massage pt get feel good and sleep well
Thank you doctor
ECG Normal sinus rhythm.