30y male with DOV in BE since 3 months.. no H/O trauma or any systemic illness.. ant seg wnl.. fundus pic attached


RE has juxtapapillary chorioretinitis.. LE has multiple chorioretinitis lesions.. according to senior faculty here.. started systemic steroids as all investigations were normal
The colour of lesions in each eye is whitish & not even slightly yellowish generally seen in chorioretinitis. More over chorioretinitis lesions will not obscure retinal blood vessels but myelinated nerve fibres do obscure them which is evident in the picture. Please reply.

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Rt eye seems to be medullated nerve fibre n lt eye shows sum cottonwool spots n haemorrhages so cud b periphlebitis as age suggests. Adv him ffa
Larger whiter RNFL infarction ( cotton wool spots) with optic neuritis with CSME & superficial retinal hemorrhage bilateral involvement sexually active age highly indicates towards HIV neuroretinitis in both eyes. Patient needs to be well investigated and accordingly treated
Right eye is having MNFL LEFT EYE- multiple cotton wool spots along with serous fluid temporal to disc with flame hemorrhage These is mild dilatation of vein superior to macula Do a systemic evaluation Oct FFA arm to retina and early phases
We initially presumed it to be hiv microangiopathy as there were no vasculopathic risk factors like hypertension and diabetes.. but Elisa for HIV was negative.. so started steroids emperically as lesion appears like chorioretinitis
RE : myelinated n.fibers & ? Lesion in macula . LE : cotton wool spots , & , superficial h'ge . Adv : f f angiography , ppbs , b.p measurement Also to investigate for Eale's disease .
RE medullated fibres.LE has cotton wool spots and sup haemorrhage- suggestive of ischemic etiology.r/o hypertension and carotid occlusion as changes are predominantly in one eye
Myelinated not medullated
Rt eye appears to be medulla Ted nerve fibre whereas the other eye can be vasculitis with haemorrhage nd cotton wool spot
This patient had Ig M and Ig G positive for rubella on TORCH test
@Dr. Arun Rajan sir please help
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