A 30 year old male presented with complaints of mild pustular discharge associated with pain from multiple papulo pustular lesions all over the scrotal region.. papulo pustular lesions started appearing 2 years back and has been increasing in numbers since then... pain and pustular discharge started only 8-10 days back... also low grade fever since 2 days... Differential diagnosis and line of treatment for the patient please.... Thanks..


Multiple sebaceous cysts scrotum. Secondary infection has to be taken care of. Excision is the treatment of choice. Normally skin can be approximated
Had he investigated for tuberculosis.. another differential diagnosis.is calcified sebaceous cyst ..he may require a total scrotal skin excision and grafting if no lupus....
Steocystoma Multiplex with Secondary Infection. Infection has to be treated, cysts not going to be resolved by medical treatment. Surgical Excision if required
Infected multipple seb. Cysts scrotum. Require two or three stage excision to avoid skin loss. Excise large two or three cysts to start with.
Multiple Sebaceous cysts of scrotum.. Few might have got secondarily infected.. Thats y pain, fever and discharge.. Will require excision, preferably under SA, if there is excess skin loss, might require SSG.. Wish there was a photograph with adequate exposure.. Antibiotic cover would be required..
Multiple sebaceous cyst involving whole of the scrotum no normal skin is visible so my plan would be complete excision of the Scrotal skin in first stage under Anaesthesia Now wait for few days till healthy granulation is there and do ssg in second stage
Multiple sebaceous cysts over scrotum with secondary infection. Removal of sebaceous cysts in multiple 2 or 3 sittings. Another option is sebaceous cysts removal along with the skin and followed by SSG
Homoeopathic treatment:- Sulphur 200 once a week and then from next day croton tig 30 twice a day except on sulphur day. Application of coconut oil may be advised
Infected multiple sebaceous cyst. Also called strawberry scrotum. Scrotoplasty should be done after antibiotic treatment.
Multiple sebaceous cyst with secondry infection excision is treatment
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