Why PUJ obstruction more common on left side??


the causes are 1.the length of ureter on left side is greater than on right 2.aperistaltic segment of ureter due to absent muscles 3.crossing vessels over PUJ 4.abnormality in the development of the PUJ or proximal ureter with disorgsnization in the smooth muscle and connective tissue elements resulting in narrowed ureteral lumen.
Could u explain the points plz as how they r responsible??
Yes PUJ it is nothing specific to say more common on lt than rt but yes seen so Conjenital anamoly may be concerned to lie of fetus or mom
Thanx dr Nilanjan Mal

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Most Probable extrinsic cause is due to the aberrant or accessory vascular branch crossing anteriorly to upj or upper ureter.
Thank you doctor @Dr. Vipin Bihari Jain
Specific cause is not determined, aberrant vessels being reported
There r no specific cause.
PUJ obstruction is the most common cause of neonatally and antenatally diagnosed hydronephrosis . The frequency of unilateral PUJ obstruction is estimated to be 1 case in 5000–8000 live births. PUJ obstruction is more common on the left side than on the right. The left-to-right ratio is 5:2.
In my practice i also get more of lt ureteric calculus if small passes of it's own if it is on rt puj lots of appendectomy possible like lscs so God is kind enough
Yes sir but I can't find the reason for being it common on left side

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what is PUJ is it PUD ?
Pelviureteric junction obstruction

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