7yr old boy having white scale patches over the sclera..presenting with no any signs n symptoms

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Bitots spots tab albendazole 400mg single dose with vita A 2lack I.U. for 3 doses diet-green vegetables, papaya, fish pt should b avoide sweets,tea..its containing more suger..worms is main cause of vita A absorption

worms is maine cause of inhibit vita A absorption

According to Ayurved its Shukta, Shweta patal gata netra roga explained by Acharya Sushruta. Advise for Netra Tarpan with Triphala Kwath Opthacare eye drops. Saptamrita Loha Punarnava Ark

Netratarpan of triphala ghrut. For 7 day. netradhavan by triphala kwath. internally saptamrut loh 2 bd 30 days. sukshma triphala 2 bd. panchendriyvardhan oil nasya .triphala ghrut 2 tsf hs.

It is bitot spot a deficiency of Vita A. Tt. Tab. moringo Trifala churn Trifala ghrath Vita. A dose -2 lakh IU VIT-A rich Vegetables and Fruits-carrot,papaya,cauliflower,palak,

It's bitots spot as suggested by other doctor's Triphala ghrit is best rasayan for eyes with milk seeds of shobhanjan morning oliferia contain good amount of vitamin A

Vitamin A deficiency . . . z lacs IU of retinol vit Agiven between 6 To 10 Years of age. .

Bitots spots, advised Vitamin A.

bitots spot treated by vit A

Netra tarpan is also useful

2,00,000IU bit a

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