8 years boy itching and scaly lesions on right hand spread linear shape. since 6 months. what is diagnosis ? right management?

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Unilateral single Continuous linear band skin coloured scaly lesions with lichenoid papules along the lines of Blashchko more favour to LICHEN STRIATUS. Differentials are Lichen nitidus Lichen simplex Lichen planus Plaque psoriasis Porokeratosis. Treatment: Good moisturizers Keratolytics like momentasome with salicylic acid cream morning Tacrolimus 0.03% cream night is immunomodulator and suppresses the T lymphocytes. Short term prednisolone acts as antiinflammatory and modify the immune response, will give good result. But monitor is important, while using this in children.

DD: Lichen striatus, Linear LP, ILVEN, Linear psoriasis, Linear DarierWhite disease.

Inflammatory linear verrucous Epidermal Nevus

Linear Lichen planus

Lichen Striatus./ Linear epidermal verrucous naevus.

Lichen stratus.

Lichen striatus

Lichenoid dermatitis

Lichen Striatus

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