8 yr old female with pain in abdomen and distension of abdomen.. diagnosis??


Obstruction due to sigmoid volvulus. Ct to confirm. Agree with trying conservative management. If no peritonitis sigmoidoscopy decompression and flatus tube across point of twist. Definitive will be surgery

Gas distended intestinal loops with multiple fluid levels. Intestinal obstruction.

Small intestinal Obstruction. May b intussuception ...... Try to do conservative management... RT tube... NBM... Anal suppositry... And other symptomatic... If patient not respond to the treatment then Adv for surgical openion... For laprotomy

Intestinal obstruction

Intestnal obtruction.

Its a case of intestinal obstruction.

Intestinal obstruction ! Likey ceacal volvulus ! Ryles tube to decompress stomach and foleys to monitor urine output! Laparotomy!!

Small gut obstruction needs laparotomy if conservative trt fails

Intestinal obstruction

It seems like volvulus of gut

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