80 year old female with anterior abdominal wall mass, extending upto rectus..



Sectiona examined show an infiltrating neoplasm arranged in a herring bone pattern and interlacing fascicles. Tumor cells have plump to spindled nucleus , blunted nuclear ends with prominent perinuclear vacuoles and moderately eosinophilic cytoplasm . Area of haemmorhage noted Mitotic activity is low. No areas of marked nuclear pleomorphism and tumor necrosis noted . Impression - Biopsy Abdominal Wall - Spindle cell Neoplasm Possibilities 1. Extraintestinal Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor ( GIST) 2. Desmoid Tumor 3. Monophasic synovial sarcoma 4. Fibrosarcoma Any history of Primary GIST before ? Advice PAS and Reticulin stains IHC for exact characterisation of tumor Correlation with Clinical and Radiological Findings Thanku sir

Nice description.. Malignant spindle cell showing herringbone pattern in first image, hence I think chance of fibrosarcoma more... IHC advisable

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Spindle cell tumor showing herring bone pattern. Advice IHC for further characterisation

Definitely herring bone pattern is present..but cells are not very much pleomorphic and mitotic count is also not so much..eosinophils present..I think..Diagnosis should be- Spindle cell neoplasm D/D- Desmoid tumor/extraintestinal GIST

LG/Spindle cell sarcoma.P/O : FS.MPNST.*MP/SS Advised IHC.

Spindle cell neoplasm..... Most probably GIST... IHC fr confirmation....


Vascular leiomyoma


Fibrosarcoma Neurofibrosarcoma

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