patient has psoriatic plaques since 2 months itching in night and in whole body advice alopathic drugs and lotion


Homoeopathic remedies for plaque psoriasis:- 1.ARS-ALB:- The appearance of the skin is dry, rough, scaly, dirty and shrivelled. The eruptions are frequently acuminate with excessive scaling. There is severe burning sensation in the eruption which is worse in the evening, at night and by cold application, it is better by warm application. Psoriasis has a tendency to alternate with internal affections. Great Prostration, with rapid sinking of the vital forces; fainting. The disposition is: a. Depression, melancholy, despairing, indifferent. b. Anxious, fearful, restless, full of anguish. c. Irritable, sensitive, peevish, easily vexed. The greater the suffering the greater the anguish, restlessness and fear of death. Mentally restless, but physically too weak to move. Indicated by its periodicity and time aggravation: after mid-night, and from 1-2 a.m. And by its intense restlessness, mental and physical: its anxiety and prostration. 2.ARS-IOD:- The psoriasis is characterised by marked exfoliation of skin in large scales leaving an exudating surface beneath it. There is intense burning with itching. The patient scratches violently till it bleeds. The psoriasis is worse in dry cold weather, even though ars-iod is a hot patient, skin symptoms are better by local application of heat. 3.BORAX:- The skin of hands and face is covered with multiple psoriatic eruption. There is furfuraceous peeling off of epidermis. The psoriatic lesions ulcerate easily, especially from slightest injury. Here the psoriasis is worse in warm weather and better in cold weather. There is a sensation of cobweb on the skin. It typically affects individuals who are excessively nervous, frightened easily and sensitive to sudden noise. Dread of downward motion in nearly all complaints. 4.CALC-SULPH:- The psoriasis eruptions are chiefly located on the scalp, extremities, back. The appearance is scarlet red with lichenification of the surrounding skin. There is severe itching and burning which is worse in warm room, from warm bath and better by cold application and cold bath. Due to presence of secondary infection, the psoriatic eruptions suppurate, which heal with the formation of thick yellow scabs. There may be a greenish-yellow, acrid and offensive discharge. management:- Maintain good hygiene. Hot bath in winter, drying and oiling. Avoid all factors which trigger psoriasis. Reduce stress levels through meditation and Yoga. Do not prick, peel or scratch skin. This may trigger psoriasis. After bath or wash pat dry the skin. Do not rub the towel vigorously on skin. Avoid soap. Instead use gram flour (besan flour) as soap dries the skin. After washing, pat the skin dry, dont irritate it by rubbing vigorously. Apply moisturizing creams liberally on affected areas after. Opt for cotton clothes over synthetic ones. Take a well balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. Apply a moisturizer to lubricate and soften scaly patches of skin. Take a daily bath in warm water to soak off the scales. Try deep breathing and relaxation exercise to reduce stress. Do not take tea, coffee, all animal fats, and processed foods. Dont scratch or rub patches of thickened skin. Avoid harsh skin products and lotions that contain alcohol. They may dry the skin and make psoriasis worse.
As per Ayurveda the lesions look like kapha predominant vata associated. Lesions are also extensive. so he needs shodhan( purification) therapy, ie, Vaman followed by virechana. then internally u can give him aragvadhadi kadhaya 30 ml b.d. Pancha tiktaka ghrita 15 ml b.d. with psiaranil point for application.
capsule..acyclovir 800mg 5 times a day..and lotion ...pscreb....thrice a day with 10 minute sun light exposure......and ...ayurvedic treatment...kaya kalp oil ...and kaya kalp.vati..2 tab morning and 2 tab in evening
1-pesin cap 1tds 2-g7cap 1tds 3-777oil +psorolin oil+psorolin ointment for applications twice a day use psorolin bathing bar (Dr.JRK's sidda) n tkara dhara with neem+musth +Nagar moth kawath
In psoriasis,plaques,first choice of drug is psorinum 200 in Bid doses for 7 days,apply graphites cream locally ,followed by Arnica - Mont 200. in bid doses for 7 days ,see the progress.
Work on his mentals, dreams,sensations, PQRS,delusions,modalities...thermals and life situation...,never well since etiology ,parental upbringing...A/F,Miasmatics,.Try luck
Doctor, You should Consider ayurvedic treatment for this patient... opt for shodhan chikitsa for this patient
shodhana chikitsa ( Deepana pachana, snehapana,vamana,takra dhara ) is very effective
psoriasis.. paranthyadhi keram very effective sodhana required
tab itraconozole 100mg bd for 1month witb keto b ointment
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