40 year old male, C/O fever with chill past 4-5 days, mild Cough .. O Ex : less Right side air entry , Other vitals are normal. CBC, S.Creat are normal, CRP is 50, X-ray chest done.. suspected large right pleural effusion.. Thoracocentesis tried but no collection of fluid achieved. What are the other causes can expect ?


Encysted pleural effusion Right, likely of some duration with Pleural thickening causing the dry tap. USG guided pleural aspiration be attempted. As patient is febrile, may be having underlying pneumonitis also. Huge pleural plaques can also happen with Asbestos exposure. If USG guided aspiration fails, Pleural Biopsy needs to be done with CECT Thorax.
Exactly.agree.lower lobe collapse.. .
Looks like rt sided mutiloculated empyema causing thickened pleura so dry tap. Needs HRCT thorax and ICD .if still unable to drain sos thoracoscopic decortication and drainage of effusion. Possibility of Koch's cant rule out.
Massive opacity rt. He I thorax - Rt. Lower lobe collapse with huge pleural effusion (atelectasis). Pl go for USG guided fluid tapping and CT chest. May be obstructive pathology.
Sir do his HRCT. Xray shows collapse consolidation rather than pl. Effusion. After HRCT bronchoscopy do. Trachea pull to right side.l
Encysted costal pleural effusion right.
Right sided pyothorax
Right sided empyema
Encysted pleuarl effusion.if CBC is normal at least empyema will be lower on the list of d/d get TT done along with HIV .usg guided tapping with wide bore needle ,if required. As a rule encysted effusion is tubercular.
Right lung collapse consolidation USG guided diagnostic pleural tapping Send sample for Routine ADA and c/s Inj.Augmentin 1.2gms IV/8th hrly Supportive management Plan CECT chest
Rt encysted pleural effusion thoracoscopy be performed and biopsy of pleura can be taken with fob
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