lacerated wound proper line of treatment for fast healing


It is ok but if dog bite then anti rabies vaccination should carried out and also dog is street dog then veterinarian should wear gloves for his protection because tearing of skin expose the salivary glands ok take care during such cases.
Daily antiseptic dressing with povidone iodine then pored powder (D. C). Then take suture aseptically and try to make hygiene up to recovery. Inj penicillin G procaine 1 to 2 ml total dose i/m up to 3 to 5 days Inj meloxicam 0.2 mg/ kg B. Wt i/m up to 3 to 4 days Inj chlorpheneramine melate @ 0.4 to 2 mg/kg b. Wt up to 3 to 5 days
Sir penicillin G, reconstituted vial for 5days or daily fresh reconstitution
Dr S N Shrivastava To Dr Rodham If skin flaps are proper to suture , suture it .otherwise remove un even skin .A S dressing by lorexan cream , sulfa powder, spray lorexan. inj -Antibiotics and analgesic for 5days
Clean the wound with antiseptic solution and suture it aseptically Inj Gentamicin 2ml bid for five days On suture apply antiseptic cream.
Inj gentamicin nephrotoxicity occur
Firstly clean all the foreign material, freshen the wound edges, mop with gauge piece soaked in betadine solution, suture the wound edges, daily ASD of the sutures till suture removal. Inj. Biotax 500 mg i/m *5d Inj. Melonex i/m *3d Keep the animal under keen observation till recovery.
Clip out skin flap and apply betadin soln.inj.penidur 6 lacs I.m bi weekly with avil 2ml I.m. maxxtol 2ml I/m.after dressing with betadin soln.zinc oxide 50gm+ nebasulph 10gm+5gm camphor +100 ml cord liver oil mft- liniment apply twice a day .
Clean wound with normal saline and sprit then suturing done dead space donot left taking some suture in middle inj antibiotics and antiinflamatory for 7days sprit apply on suture line
Cleaning of wound with antiseptic solution Suture the wound Inj.pam 2 ml im Inj.ketopfofen 2mg/kg BW Apply the regular antiseptic dreasing
Mercurochrome is the best healant.Apply it locally and be confident to treat any lacerated and septic wound.
Dr, Daily Dressing, Anibiotics inj for 10 days ,NSAID for 3 days,and Antihistamines for 10 doys.
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