84 yrs/m c/o: pain and itching in rt. upper limb no history of DM and HTN Dx & Rx????


Senile neuropathy.gabapentin may be useful

Allergy contact dermatitis ? Exfoliative /pallegra Dermititis

Herpes Zoster

To me it looks folliculitis with sec inf Rx first treat infwd antibioticslike cefuraxime5oomg1x2times and add antiallergiclevocetrizine 5mg 1x2times for 5days locally fucibact oint twice daily you can give anagesic for pain

Allergic dermatitis

Scabies with super added fungal and secondary infection Rx confused bath Ascabiol lotion scrub.and orally Broad spectrum a antibiotic Gluconaxole orally

@Dr. Shashikant Mathur - allergic dermatitis

Mam Treatment pls??

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Sir scabies can painful?
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