84yo man presenting with cough. Likely diagnosis?



cavitating lung cancer; thanku everyone for your response

Mass lesion in right upper zone Likely to b lung abscess, fungal infection or Ca lung... Severe bronchitic changes If abscess dn hv to drain If mass lesion dn hv to tk biopsy If fungal ball dn anti-fungal hv to start

Lung Abscess — TB — lung cancer... seeing air-fluid level it is abscess most likely.. superadded to CA.

Ca lung

Ca lung on top /tub/lung abscess

i also agree with this sequence

FIBROCAVITATORY lesion on lt upper zone. Showing fluid level. DD Lung abcess Lung cancer. PUB. Fungal infection. PLEASE DO HECTIC.

Lung abscess, treat with appropriate antibiotics for 1 month, meanwhile exclude malignant neoplasm by hrct thorax

Carcinoma lung/TB/Lung abscess

Rt sided pneumonic patch , with severe bronchitis

R lobar pneumonia

Ca rt ul d/d's lung abscess cavity with pericavitary consolidation likely Kochs fungalball and cavitary mass lesion

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