Age 10 year/f Serum bilirubin 3.75 Sgot 3690 Sgpt. 4140 Vomiting Fever Abdomen pain treat

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Common mistake people do is not making proper diagnosis n not going for proper tests. Plus symptoms are suggestive of hepatic prodrome. Its viral hepatitis. Do go for Cbc crp IgMHAV prothrombin time urine r/e n c/s serum electrolytes. Admit the patient give iv fluids with mvi infusion vit k tab ursodeoxycholic acid inj rantac inj ondasetron syp higado l. Watch out for features of hepatic encephalopathy. If not passing stool properly. Add Lactulose.
Viral Hepatitis
Emergency treatment
Hepatocellular jaundice Anti HAV Ab..anti hepE Ab..hbsag Anti hcv....USG whole abdomen....leptospira IgM..dengue NS1 Supportive management.. Iv fluids
Ask for CBC ESR Blood SUGAR HIV HbSAg LFT USG of whole ABDOMEN further treat on line of Viral infective hepatitis

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