dignose and trea. of this wet and itchy skin mark with hard and scalpy skin of ankle joint (seen in image)?


surgical openion. ...
sure, madam. this affected part of skin itching and oozing last 5-6 month at both leg, sight seen in image. no other complain. ankle joint skin is very hard and can removed like layer-by layer.
ok sir...but what should I have to do further for confirmation if required or treatment?
ok, now what should I have to do for d.d. btw LP, I.brusitis, CL.eczema.?
oh sorry, its bursitis.! is it final? than what should be the treatment?
Tab-fungbin-250 mg OD tab-Lcet OD Cream- costiqort-S. LA Soap -ketomec
use salicylic acid combination ointment if not prefer to dermatologist
serial H2O2 betadine magsulf dressing with antibiotics
Please share the history.
and any oral-antibiotic?
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