8yrs male, nasal mass with nasal obstruction and epistaxis

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Sections examined show well defined nests , sheets and islands of tumor cells arranged in a perivascular pseudorosette formation having round to oval hyperchromatic nuclei showing focal nuclear moulding , moderate pleomorphism and scant cytoplasm . Few atypical mitotic figures seen . Focal crush artefacts noted . No definitive evidence of any Homer Wright rosettes seen . No areas of necrosis seen. Impression Nasal Mass Biopsy - Malignant small round cell tumor Possible Differential Diagnosis 1. Olfactory Neuroblastoma( Esthenioeuroblastoma) 2. Ewings sarcoma / PNET 3. Lymphoma 4. Rhabdomyosarcoma 5. Small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma IHC for further work up Correlation with other clinical and Radiological findings Thanku sir

I just want to say lymphoma should not include in this list

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O/f/s/o- small round cell tumor ? Extraskeletal Ewing sarcoma/ PNET ? Olfactory neuroblastoma. ?retinoblastoma ? Lymphoma Adv: IHC confirmation.

Sections show tumor cells arranged predominantly in rosette pattern. The cells show oval nuclei with angulated nuclear borders and scant cytoplasm. No fibrillary material. No homer wright pseudorosettes. Impression: blue round cell tumor- ES/PNET.

Sections show nests, sheets and tumor cells arranged in pseudorosettes. The individual cells are round to oval with hyperchromatic nuclei exhibiting mild to moderate pleomorphism and scanty cytoplasm. IMPRESSION: Small round cell tumor D/D: Neuroblastoma, PNET

MSRCT.DDs : Olfactory Neuroblastoma. EsthesioNeuroblastoma.ERMS.*EWS/PNET. Advised IHC.

Section shows cells arranged in sheets and nests having round to oval hyper chromatic nuclei, moderate pleomorphism, scanty cytoplasm. At places, cells are arranged around blood vessels and forming pseudo roasted. Few atypical mitotic figures are noted. No areas of necrosis are seen. O/f/s/o- malignant small round cell tumor mostly- olfactory neuronal aroma D/D- 1)Extra skeletal swings sarcoma/ PNET 2) Lymphoma Suggestions: IHC for confirmation

rhabdomyosarcoma is the most common tumour in children in the nasal mucosa.


Pseudo rosettes- olfactory neuroblastoma (round blue cell tumor)

Small cell tumour... Might be olfactory neuroblastoma or PNET. IHC needed

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