91yr old patient admitted with ischemic stroke...non diabetic, non hypertensive, no cardiac problem in the past Patient is hemodynamically stable Kindly give your expert comments on the ecg



Bigemy due to atrial extrasystoles . No need of any treatment on ECG abnormality.Such abnormalities are very common in strokes and subside in due course.

Alternatively normal beat and atrial premature beat. ..atrial bigeminy. ..Wait and watch. .. Sr . electrolytes and echo. .to b done

It's a case of sick sinus syndrome...

Echo normal with ef of 60 and Serum k -4.8, ionised ca-4.9

Bigeminal pac Otherwise normal

LAD with bigeminy

It seems to be a second degree AV block with sinus pause that repeats itself, can't be a bigeminy because those are narrow qrs complexes and not bizarre complexes and are followed by a t wave, this may be a cause of Stoke

Bigeminy due to atrial ectopic. Treat him with infract stroke protocol like tab ecosprin 150mg OD. Tab clopidogril 75mgOD. Tab atorvastatin 40mg OD.physiotherapy

atrial bigeminy

Atrial bigemini. May occur in old age.This may be a reason for ischemic stroke. Low dose aspirin is sufficient.

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