Ayurveda and Corona virus

I have correlated it with shleshmaj krimi because Corona virus also found in stools but this correlation is not possible as the sthan of sleshmaj krimi is amashaya and symptoms associated with gi comes in this... 3 possibilities according to me. 1)kafavata vriddha jwara 2) bhootabhishangaj jwar 3)visha line of Treatment should be vamana+ sansarjana karma then dhoompana then sansarjana karma then rasayana sewana along with the choice of medicines.


Informative sir
Why don't we correlate with Bhoota?
It's bhoota as per aagantuj vyadi with the lakshana of kafavataj jwara and needs chikitsa according to that. But in bhootabhishangaj there it is not directly correlated bhoota with pathogens... They related it with the hetu of unmad.

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