35 f , unilateral painless gradual loss vision since 6months no h/o of htn dm... fundus picture s/o ......Dx Rx

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Optic neuritis
Opti atrophy advised MRI brain ,orbit both eyes colo dipper study of carotid artery also rule out multiple sclerosis &aion .
Optic neuritis... treatment...I/v methyl prednisolone 250mg QID × 3 days followed by oral prednisone 1 mg/ kg× 11 days..
I am going to do fields,if it is altitudinal field defect detected s/o AION , if not like that s/o optic neuritis
It seems some macular pathology is likely like macular hole or edema but fundus details are not very clear
otic atrophy isheamic optic neuropathy
Optic Atrophy with CSR?
Csr wd papilloedema
Optic atrophy
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