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Enucleation of eye.

ENUCLEATION OF EYE IN DOG A male dog aged about 6 years old brought to N.T.R Veterinary Super Speciality Hospital Vijayawada on 03.02.2020 with clinical symptom of Protrusion of eye ball and infected wound on eye ball. General anesthesia is needed to induce unconsciousness, complete control of pain and muscle relaxation. Preanesthetic is by giving Atrophine sulphate @0.04mg per kg body weight s/c, Induction of anesthesia is by giving xylazine @1mg per kg body weight i/m, and Ketamine @5mg per kg body weight intraveinously. Conducted Elective Surgery of Enucleation of Eye on above said dog on 06.02.2020 by Dr.K.Srinivasarao M.V.Sc (vety Surgery and Radiology), Assistant Director (AH), N.T.R Veterinary Super Specialty Hospital, Vijayawada, and Andhra Pradesh, India. Operation Procedure:- 1. Transpalpebral approach is followed for Enucleation of eye. 2. Induction of General Anesthesia 3. Clean + Clipping the skin around the eye 4. Applied povidone iodine solution. 5. Positing Lateral Recumbancy and align the palpebral fissmes parallel to floor 6. Applied surgical drape 7. An elliptical skin incision is made 1cm from the eyelid margin and extended around the entire circumference of eyelid margin & grasp the eyelid margins with Allis tissue forceps. By blunt dissection, aided by traction on eyelid margin, the conjunctiva is separated from the lids to fornix and you can approach the sclera. Medial and lateral broad ligament are transacted. 8. The oblique, retractor & Recti muscles are ligated which are attached to orbital rim are divided. 9. Enucleation is completed by clamping & ligating the optic nerve & accompanying vessels and severing the stump by scissors ( Metzebaum scissors) 10. Once the globe is removed, packs the orbit with gauge apply pressure for 5minutes. 11. The skin wound is closed by simple interrupted sutures by using polyamide suture material. And applied protective bandage on surgical site. Post-Operative precautions have been followed as stated below:-  Elizabethan collar to prevent damage to the surgical site.  Suggested to avoid movement & bathing in swimming pools.  Dressing of surgical site alternate days  Antibiotics for 7 days.  NSAID’S for 3 days. On 12th day sutures removed and discharged the dog after successful recovery.


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