a 1 yr old girl having a this type of soft lesion over left sole of foot plz dx and give managment



Infected hematoma

it's haematoma may be infected even if not it is painful. so relive pain by I and d

Infected haematoma. Advised I & d.

incise and drain all contents blood clot and pus. give anti inflammatory drug and antibiotic u know it better

Foreign body reaction resulting in infected haematoma. I&D is the right step at this juncture followed by oral antibiotics, analgesic and anti - inflammatory. Cefodoxime or cefixime or amoxcillin plus clavulanic acid can be given.

i agree with dr arnab sir

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Haematoma (infected) needs I & d

traumatic heamotoma. It can refill again and again. so go for pressure bandage after drain

vascular malformation get mri to look extent

mri ? is it needed sir.

agree with Arnab Sir

Thank you sir for your valuable words.

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Parents of this pt had removed pus by puncturing the wound then.it subsides bt it reoccurs so i had given antibiotics and pain killers and asked to.come tomorrow for follow up and if.not.respond then i and d is option

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