scabies or not?

A 12 year old girl with severe itching and lesion seen in attached photo from past 5 years. Lesion present on both forearms and distal arm bilaterally and similarly on feet and legs and distal thigas bilaterally. No lesion anywhere on trunk. No history of contact spread to others in home in past 5 years of her illness. Kindly diagnose.



Prurigo nodularis cap doxycycline 100mg once a day ten days Antihistamines at night ten days Clobetasone lotion twice Moisturizers once Betadine soap

Purigo nodularis Rx b zon fort bd for 5 days Aatarex 25 od for 10 days Azee 500 od for 3 day Clop s oint

Lp, infected scabies

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Prurigo Nodularis