A 13 yr old boy has these scaly and itchy lesions on lateral aspect of both lower legs and skin overlying skin of medial maleolus. Lesions do occur on the back and lower abdomin but they are not scaly. Refractory to conventional treatment.

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eczema . topical steriod of clonate bd and liquid parafin in afternoon and if start prednisolone 10 mg for ten days and see the results

appear to be lichen simplex chronicus Rx .locally low strength steroid +antibiotic cream. ..if there is anxiety or depression, it should be Rx.



kenacort-40mg injection once use only waysolon-5mg+doxi-100mg+nuforce-150mg tab twice daily for 7days flucort-H skin oniment apply twice daily


Tinia variety with seborrheic dermatitis?

Taenia corporis

eczema. liquid paraffin. mometasone 0.5 tab.terbinafine250od

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