A 16 year old girl presented with chronic, recurrent oral fungal infections, chronic diarrhea, recurrent abdominal pain, and vomiting since childhood. She has also been experiencing dizziness, darkening of the skin and oral cavity, and a low-grade fever for the last 6-8 months. The oral thrush and ulcers have been recurrent since childhood; these are not associated with any antibiotic intake or trauma. Diarrhea has also occurred on and off since childhood, with 4-7 watery-to-semisolid bowel movements per day associated with crampy abdominal pain but not blood or mucus. What is this condition and what should be the treatment.




Can be Congenital immunodeficiency syndrome DD HIV AIDS .Celiac disease Addison's disease Pellagra/or other b.complex vitamin deficiency

Auto immunity deficiency disease.hiv most common cause

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How is the growth? I shall consider HIV as the first possibility With darkening of infection and oral cavity Addisson's disease is another possibility, it could be autoimmune or secondary to any chronic infection

Comes out as Polyglandular failure (type I)

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HYPERPIGMENTATION =Whipple's disease Addison's "" Coeliac " Recurrent fever = ibd Whipple' s disease Immunoglobulin deficiency . Hiv .

Rule out HIV Congenital immunodeficiency, Celiac disease.

Congenital immunodeficiency less likely, at this age more likelihood of acquired Celiac does not usually have unusual infections associated

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Dear Dr shital as the symptoms u have stated it could be AIDS plz have the blood test for it if it is positive we can start up with Ayurvedic medication as I am doing research on it We can keep follow up for this case on my what's app +919595730555 Thank you

Immunodeficient check HIV flouroquinolon helps or trimethopremsulphamethoxole

May be typhoid, DD HIV. Coeliac D's,


Should investigate cause for immunodeficiency

Immunocompromised State. Any Investigation done?

Its Polyglandular failure (type I)
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