A 19 yr old patient went to local doctor (may be "झोला छाप), patient had redness of skin with mild itching. Now he got such a worst condition. he was treated for 4-5 days without prescription (few orally drugs and 2 types of injections). No H/O DM and HTN.



Tinea cruris modified lesions,first stop all the medicines,advice him not to wear Denim,useloose thin cotton clothing,Improve hygiene. For 5 days Doxycycline 100mg bid,clotrimazole+micanazole+(neosporin for 10 to 15 days and discontinue).Iatracanzole 200 od for3 to 6 weeks,chlorhexidine soap,clotrimazole dusting. Antihistamine for itching.

start T. Azee 500 OD, T. ACEVIRE 400BD for 5 days, single dose of FLUCAN 150mg & Dactarin gel ointment for LA till 10-15 days. ask to wear COTTON DHOTI till recovery

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this may be a case tinea infection treated with preparation of salicylic acid or alike preparation due to which this has happened . terbinafin 250 mg od for 4 weeks sertaconazole +mupirocin topical application levocetrizine 5 hs amoxi clav 625 bd for 5 days

initial tinea corporis lesions ..incognito. ..due to steroid containing cream + irritant dermatitis due to application of irritant + eczematization ( due to allergy to some component of cream

It might be tinea cruris.some body might have given ringogen like medicine leads to irritant dermatitis.

Patient was wrongly treated or dr might had wrong dx. Or it is due to steroid use. Salicylic acid may be used in higher concentration in lotion type. Patient hygiene and treatment might have started late. So local terbinafine cream and tab terbinafine 250mg od for 4 weeks. Maintain local hygiene keep the area dry . Antibiotic cream mupirocin locallyr anti histaminics for pruritus.Loose innerweares . Treat if there is hyperhydrosis.Ketaconazole soap locally.

It is a case of vicharchika Tt (1)rasmanikya 100mg sudh gandhak100mg kasisbhasma100mg nimbadichurna 2gm .------------------------------------------ 13 m e b (2) tab purodil 13 (3) mahamanjistharist 20mlTwiceDaily traxenena ont.local apply

taenia incognito

use khadirarishta,mahamanjisthadi katha,arogya vardhini vati,amypure tab

primary irritant dermatitis superadded over tinea cruris

tinea curries wrongly treated with suchlike type lotion resulted in exfoliation of skin ictranazole oral zole f oint in coconut oil with calamine lotion mixed cetriz azithro mycoderm powder in morning LUNGI COTTON wearing fires trimmed hairs and then hyginically clean part

Thank you doctor.
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