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vagina discharge in infants

A 2 months female baby presented with WHITE JELLY LIQUID coming thru VAGINA for last 10 days. Baby is playful. Is there something to worry?

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Totally a normal thing.. no need to treat and no need to worry as well.

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Rule out vaginitis.. due to irritation.. and secondary inflammatory reaction.. /infection... due to pinworm infestation (enterobius) Look for pinworms in anorectal.. and petineal areas... especially at night.

Physiological leucorrhoea

Nothing abnormal It's physiological No treatment required

Thanks Dr. Dinesh Gupta, Dr. Nikunj Satasiya

Vaginal candidisis.local candid gel application

Absolutely normal. Adv hygienic cleaning.

Neonatal discharge Nothing abnormality

Normal vaginal discharge. No need to treat

Nothing to worry but gentle cleaning with normal saline &soft cotton .usually physiologica ,baby might have a few days after birth.No medication.Local cleaning &application of a oil drop between the two labia is important as some times because of sticky discharge -chances of adhesions between labia which may need surgical separation in future & because of fusion the stasis of urine the UTI trouble shooter.


R/o foreign body,lf not no need to worry.

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