A 22 year old male patient presenting with these types of streach marks over axillary region since 1 year...the complaint is marks increasing gradually. Dx and Rx




this is loss of elasticity of skin no treatment required.

Stretch marks.

Stretches Marks Glycerin application nothing as drug required

sir by glycerin application in how much time it will be cured ?

according to ayu -jalokavacharan -swdaghna twachay dravya like musta chandan ushir nimba yashti for lepa -abhayntar arogayvardhini 2 tds -ask pt to ware loose clots , local hygiene sir plz tag this case under dermatology so that we can get expert comments

Dear Dr Mallikarjuna Administrate sub dermal steroid inj Thanks

stretch mark udvertan with Triphala nadi Sweden leading churan +coconut oil regularly for 21 days Triphala kada 20ml with water twice daily for three months udvertan should be repited till the marks become reduces

Sorry eladi churan +coconut oil for applications

Ayurveda... eladhi Ghana churna with curd external application pt weight???

wt-54kg...height -165cm ....not too obese

Eladikeram for external application. Leave at least 1/2 an hour on the region before bath. and instead of soap use powdered green gram...

सोमराजी तैल लगाने से लाभ होगा।

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