A 23 year old female diagnosed with pcod, patient having complaints

A 23 year old female diagnosed with PCOD, Patient having complaints of - Irregular period - Hair Fall - Facial Hairs - Heavy Bleeding Mano vaha sthiti - anxiety Prakriti - Pitta-Kaphaj Wt. - 54kg ( gradually increasing) Please suggest the ayurvedic line of treatment.



It's artavahastrotodusti in ayurveda. Give it uttar basti of sahachar oil and phal ghrut. and internally ashok Ghana vati 2 bd. kanchnar guggul 2 bd, chandraprabha vati 2 bd, pushyanug churn 1 tsf bd. punarnavadi churn 1 bd. kumari asav 4 tsf tds

for heavy bleeding give bolbadh ras and dashmularist 4 tsf bd. and for manovah dusti give bhrami churn + jatamasi churn

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If there is heavy bleeding than dont use bolabaddha rasa becauses it is sthambhaka and it increases the disease condition. If want to stop heavy bleeding than use Indrayava + Patol + Kutaki mix all in equal quantity and made kwath from it and take twice in a day. 1) Aarogyavardhini 2 TDS with warm water. 2) Chandraprabhava vati 2 TDS with warm water. 3) Madhumalini vasant 2 TDS with warm water. 4) Trikatu churna 1tsp BD with warm water. Panchakarma : Uttar basti with Sachahar tail or by Phala ghrita Phala ghrita can also given internally 1tsp BD with warm water. You can also use Mahavatavidhavansa rasa here. Yoni pichu dharan by Bala tail.

in this type of case give the pt detoxification therapy and palliative treatment.1 Enema through vaginal route 2medicated purgation is also helpful Following medicines would be helpful to the pt.1 Shatavari ghanvati 1tds 2Trifala guggulu 2tds 3 Arogyavardhini 2tds 4 Mahavatvidhvansa ras 2 TDs.

advice for regular yoga nd arobics nd low fat high protine diet. for heavy bleeding give her cap gynae cvp thrice daily for five days suggest for FTSH , FT3,FT4 and S. prolectine level . but what time she went for usg after mensuration or before mensuration ??

i am agree with u but medicine which recmendid by me should be continue

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Give any Uterine tonic aith Cap. U-Gynaetone Forte for 3-6 Months.. or Tab. Kanchanar Guggulu 2BD Tab. Vruddhivardhika Vati 2BD Ashokarista 20 ml BD and any Uterine Tonic for 3-6 months

chack thyroid harmonal unbalans and sugest treatment -:1) raj ptavartani vati 1bd 2) chandraprabha vati 1bd 3) praval pisti 4) shaptvishanti guggul 5) alovera jus 6) sundari kalp

P.C.O.D tab.Aloes Compound 2 Bid.* 15 days+ 6 months tab.Leptaden 2 Bid another 15 days of mentruation * 6 months Caps Ugyanetone Forte 1 bid * 3 months Syp .Eugynin 10 ml Tds

Ashokarist nd Kumariasav each 10 ml three times a day.M2tone 1tab nd Femiplex 2 tab three times a day.Pushyanug churan 2 gm three times a day with milk.

As it is PCOD with heavy bleeding. plz give Kanchanar Guggulu 2 BD Arogyavardhini vati 2BD Tab Femiplex 1tid and Patrangasava 4tsf for 15 days

Respected Sir, Guduchi kshirpak with fal ghrut basti as gud results in regularizing d menstrual cycle thus combating hormonal imbalance n pcod

Thank you doctor
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