A 24 years female attend op having c /o fever 2 days ago after that unable to close left eye and deviation of mouth left side of face and dribbling of saliva left side mouth, what is the diagnosis and treatment for the patient and differential diagnosis for the patient?



Healing Bell's s palsy. Differential diagnosis 1.ramsay hunt syndrome. 2.guillain barre syndrome. Check for Bell's phenomena. Eye findings are lagophthalmos. Slit lamp examination for cornea exposure Topical lubricants Eye patching suggestive.. Review the patient

Advice: CBP,ELISA or Western blot.CT

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Left Bell 's palsy . D.D is : Ramsay hunt syndrome - Bell's palsy with ear involvement caused by herpes zoster infection. HIV infection . Rx : Systemic steroids for 3 to 4 weeks In tapering dose. Tab . Vit- B1 , B-6 , B -12 for 1 month . Acyclovir systemic if HZV infection is suspected . Antibiotic eye drops & , ointments , artificial tears Frequently. frequent follow ups ; to look for development of exposure keratitis & treat it if needed. Recovery may take 1 & half to 2 months & may be incomplete. If lagophthalmos is severe , tarsorrhaphy may needed.

I will go with Dr.Harshad Gajjar.

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This is left sided facial nerve palsy...investigate some blood sugar thyroid profile nd left ear also it's may be due to reactivation of herpes..so if u suspect that add acyclovir and steroids wd nsaids and care of eye properly

With add some mvi with mecobalamine

Facial peralysis 7 th cranial nerve irritation(reason to be ruled out) Electrical nerve stimulations- --individual face muscles stimulation --trunk stimulations -fascial massage Followed by taping Home Advises

Although it looks to be bell's palsy but because of fever go for VT Scan Brain to rule out intra cranial infective pathology also.

Facial nerve palsy may be due to reactivation of herpes Dd bells palsy Rx acyclovir Steroids Care of the eye

Facial nerve palsy Left sided. Inv. Blood sugar, Thyroid profile, Left ear exam. for herpes zoster.

Lt facial paralysis h/o fever suggest reactivation of herpes virus treat with aciclovir adv ct brain

Lt.Facial palsy is definite diagnosis. ACTH in the dose of 60 units subcutaneous is very effective.

Facial nerve palsy

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