Diagnosis and treatment??

a 25 year female present in Opd with these types lesions on side of neck and back, front of chest, thighs, with intense itching Chief Complaints severe itching Diagnosis probable diagnosis and treatment Management please advise treatment?? calamine lotion already give but no improvement




Pre vitiligo? Scabies culprit infections? Allergic reaction? Rx Tab levocetrizine 5 mg BD Tab bliston 20 mg od Tab multivitamins.. Tab Azithromycin 250 MG Moisture lotion use.. Luliconazole lotion use.. Mupirocin ointment used at bed time.. Coconut oil use.. tree tea oils.. Alovira gel use.. Keep the areas of sterile gauge..

Thanks doctor


Tnx Dr Rakesh Kayasth

? Scabies

Possibly scabies

Sarcoptus scabie infection ( Scabies)

Any discharge??? Burning sensation? Pain?

Scabies Rx Permerthrin 5% stat application at night for 8hrs and then next application after 10 days. Tab Ivermectin 12 mg stat Tab. Atarax 10 mg at night. Follow up after 10 days

At the moment only antiallergic

Looks like Scabies

Ofcourse Scabies ? Permetrin oint & soap Ivermectin 12mg OD 2 days Levocet 5mg Bd sos

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