A 25yrs female pt with h/o eclampsia delivered a still birth baby 10days back.... came with complaint of diminision of vision since 10days(after delivery ) Vision RE 6/60 LE 6/60 BP 150/100 On fundus examination FR Dull showing macular edema Oct images as follows what is the probable diagnosis?


Oct picture shows exudative rd, as patient had eclampsia and stil her bp is raised,once bp resolves exudative rd wil resolve too, eclampsia is a cause for exudative rd, oct doesn't show any signs of macular edema.kindly post fundus pic so that we can look for Choroidal folds, seigrist streak elschnig spots

Patient might be having features of malignant hypertension like papilledema with macular edema. OCT shows a NSD . Might be due to exudative RD

Madam why can't it be hypertensive choroidopathy with CSR?

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Post partam Hypertensives retinopathy with pappiloedema & macular oedema associated increase intracranial tension@

Small localised exudative RD due to eclampsia

Looks like csr

To me there is evidence of hypertensive retinopathy. OCT does not exhibit macular oedema and bilateral CSR is unlikely.

Instead of OCT pic, i think fundus pic will give better clue

Macular edema due to secondary to preeclampsia

Bilatetal CSR, ? Choroidal infarcts

Macular edema with holes in retina

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