A 26-year-old female was bitten by her cat five days ago. Today, she presents to the emergency room with a fever, a swollen foot, and a deep puncture wound. On examination, her foot is tender, erythematous, and swollen. No blisters or crepitations are present. She has no significant medical history, but she is allergic to penicillin. After irrigating the wound, which of the following treatments should be commenced? A.Amoxicillin- clavunate B.Bacitracin ointment C.Doxycycline and clindamycin D.Cipro and Clindamycin



Ciprofolx and clindamycin would be better. I hope.. As Ciprofolx would take care of positive and negative and clindamycin would look after anerobes.. But better to look for diabetes and any immuno compromised states, . . Limb elevation.. And crepe bandage would help...

What would be negative effects of clindamycin on foot.. Itching? Or others?

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So only I don't approve of keeping cats dogs mice, guinea pigs, birds as pets.(I know how difficult it was for me to treat a pregnant 7m lady who was scatched by a stray cat whom she used feed milk daily .By Gods grace bot mother and child are fine today..!!..These are all wild creatures...we for our own selfish needs and satisfaction cage them or chain them.....and this is how they vent out their frustration and anger.... Howsoever docile or domesticated a cat may be, you never know when aggression instincs are triggered..Let's see which diseases (Zoonoses)are caused by cats Tiger family- Sharp deep claws and pinpoint penetrating bites & mauls:. Pathogens penetrate deep into tendon sheath or joints... leading to osteomyelitis ,Pasteurella- Multocida,Toxoplasmosis, Campylobacteriosis,Dipylidiosis.,Giardiasis, Sporotrichosis, RABIES Schizophrenia,Ringworm, Cryptosporidum, Cat roundworm: Toxocariasis/ Visceral Larva Migrans, etc. to name a few...

Cipro with clindamycin. Mgso4 dressing Leg elevation. Antirabies vaccination.

This patient can be treated with a penicillin alternative such as doxycycline and an anaerobic active agent such as clindamycin.

as per the history and the picture pt is progressing towards Cellilitus start with Cefuroxime co -trimaxole sos linzolid 3 pillow leg levation diuretics mag sulph dressing QID nsaid Do a cbc esr creat


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All animal and human bite, the drug of choice is Amoxycillin-clavulnate. In case of severe allergic to Penicillin, the alternative drugs would be Doxy plus Clinda.

Unable to post cases Can anybody help

Usually cats harbour toxoplasmosis gondii ...for which a better drug is Fqs like spiramycin

It is cellulitis so part elevation wound cleaning broad septrum antiboitis like cipriflox with clindamycjn , bed rest & routine investigation Tetanus inj

A simple cat would not lead to such massive cellulitis ...so first one should check blood sugar levels.pending wound swab c/s report I think linezolid with cefuroxime or clindamycin would be best choice

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