a 26/yr f pt suffering from glutal abcess since one month discharge + maggot plus white discharge + h/0 DM rbs 400 tell me diagnosis n treatment n manejment

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Long standing abscess has given way to maggots hence now first clearance of maggots ie necessary daily clearing by phenol or manually if pt allows find the pocket of maggots and attempt to clean away once wound is maggots free than dressing with betadine lotion /h2o2 dress with bactigrass give a good coverage of the antibiotc broadspectrum like Amoxyclav625mg 1x2times for 7days and antianaerobic like meteronidazole iv or oral even as oint also keep control of bsl with insulin and oha infiltrate regular insulin few drops all arround on the wound as well once wound is healthy you can do dressings twice a week till total healing takes place. To select or to add another antibiotic do c&s of pus or discharge from wound.

Thanx dr Prakash M

Remove Maggot by Terpentil oil Control Blood Sugar & Dressing by Oint Povidone locally bd & Inj Cefotaxim 1 Gm IV Slowly bd for 5Days & Tab Levofloxacin 500mg 1od for 5 Day's , Tab Ibugesic plus 1 TDS for 5days

First of all remove the maggots by using terpentine oil and manually,pt.requre good glycemic control,for that pt. should pun on inj insulin,broad spectrum antibiotic with anaerobic coverage,dressed the wound with betadine solution,if pt. non immunized again tetanus or partially immunized pt .should have tetanus prophylaxis,

Tight control of Bl.sugar with Insulin, Injectable Cefotaxime inj,clean &dress the wind with antibiotic oint.HbA1c, fasting and PP, bl.sugar to be evaluated.

Clean wound by pouring maggot oil or physically Remove maggot..than wash wound throughly with water and betadine lotion and apply mupirocin oint locally. Control DM. Antibiotics orally. ASD with sofra tullu daily. Culture sensitivity of pus. Investigations,evaluation and monitoring required. Improve general health and personal hygiene.

Pls control BS For maggots do dressing with Tarpantine oil When maggots are cleared start AS dressing Broad Spectrum antibiotics

Clear maggots Dressing Antibiotics Vitamins

It's a case of chronic abscess containing maggots. Turpentine oil will be required for maggots.

What is Glycated Hb reading?please dress the surgical wound twice a week. Culture sensitivity of pus.Accordinly order antibiotics Repeat Fasting & post Pran glucose.

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