A 27-year-old male patient was complaining of epigastric pain and vomiting. On clinical examination, he had red skin on the right thorax. Ultrasound and Gastroendoscopy attached.




Rule out history of Herpes, trauma or tenia of neck. Is he a drug addict? Needs to give antacid. H2 blocker. Or PPI like S-Omeprazole 40mg twice. Get his Blood routine checked, H. pyloric IgA, IgM. Stool routine and ova/cyst.

For epigastric pain and vomiting causing GERD or gastritis/ gastric ulcer endoscopy is advisable On neck either it is birth hemangioma or Tinea

Nevus hemangeoma is birth mark Complaints are related are suggestive of APD likely GERD or GU Adv endoscopic examination

Thanx dr Vijay Radye

CT abdomen showing enlarged pancreas suggestive of acute pancreatitis Erythematosus lesion in right upper chest suggestive of cellulitis

Chances of peptic ulcer with dermatitis or urticaria not able to interpret usg looks like calcification

Pain and vomiting may be due to gerd ,acute cholelithiasis with cholecystitis, pancreatitis etc

gastric ulcer with tinea infectiiin h pylori infection cap.panD tab.amox 500. Bd 5 days tab.metro 400 tds 7 days susp.sucralfet Bd 1 spoon cream.luliconazole 1% tab.itraconazole 200 Od weekly

Mesenteric mass ? Matted lymphadenopathy

Red skin is birthmark or any infection?? epigastric pain and vomiting may be due to peptic ulcer


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