a 28 yrs pt came with slight burning sensation over tongue while eating spicy foods. kindly diagnose the lesion on tongue nd give your opinion of treatment.



ya its a sureshot case of benign migratory glossitis, rule out any debilitating condition or immune compromise status along with drug history n prescribe multivitamin esp vit b12 along with lycopene n thorough cleaning of tongue

looks like migratory glossitis also know as geographic tongue. atrophy of papilla patient is anaemic? advice vitamin supplements vit b12 and folic acid

even lips shows unusual finding

Severe anaemia with glossitis

Yes I agree with Dr.Parkar it seems geographic tongue that is glossitis and so is the burning sensation. Any medical history? Immunocompromised patient? Rule out Candidiasis, oral Lichen planus too.

thanks Dr Jain... maintenance of oral hygiene is equally important...

Migratory glossitis with secondry fungal infection ( see lip ) . severe anemia . management - oral hygiene , vit b complex supplement (high riboflavin +folic acid ) with lycopene and antioxidants , steroid topical gel +hexidine topical gel , fluconazole 50mg tab daily for 2 weeks . Iron supplement.

Yes it looks like migratory glossitis. No harm in trying topical clotrimazole.

Its a classic migratory glossitis

N check for any candidiasis

Start with antifungals

Some ktoconazole

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