A 29yr female pt h/o hot water burn pls advice treatment



Scald burn . debridement of the slough and regular dressing with pain killers is advised.

Superficial scald burns Wound is healthy No need of too much topical antibiotics Go for collagen dressing after saline wash Oral or parental antibiotic Protein rich diet Expected to heal by 2 weeks

Fungal infection ?

Debridement with antiseptic dressing,inj tetanus and oral antibiotics and analgesics

Saline dressing under antibiotic cover.

Dressing witth silver sulphadizine and antibiotic and symtomatic

Looks like superficial dermal scalds... Saline wash n non adhesive dressing like paraffin gauze in enough, should epithelise within 2-3 weeks

Partly healed burn with healthy granulation tissue. Surgeon opinion

Start dressings wih SSD and occlusive dressings with elastocrepe bandage after complete bath along with antibiotics

Healthy superficial scalds. Will heal in 3weeks time . Use topical nadifloxacin cream after cleaning with Betadine lotion. Protein , Zinc and vitamin supplements

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