A 3 yr female pt came with c/o difficulty in walking since more than yr. Thr is h/o fall 2 times She is unable to walk for the minute Continuosly she remain in sitting position. She takes help to stand n walk but after few minutes she sits again Thr is pain in lower limb with swelling in joints of lower limb but all test came normal.. Mentally.. child is haughty Hard to inferior n soft on superior Asks for many things but but when given refuses Generals.. Aversion to sweet Urination offensive n Thr is Nocturnal enuresis too All other generals r normal Plz suggest t diagnosis n homeopathic remedy n any abnormality suggesting in x-ray...




Silicea may be effective

Ruta G 1 Weekly Bry 30

Arnica is the best medicine


Causticum 200 od Hekla lava 6x tds

Check developmental milestone properly

All r normal

Causticum 1m/wkly , calc phos 30/tds

A desmoppressin... It's a vadoprressin tab minirin 2.5mg hs with bladder manners complete evacuation before sleeping

Very sorry. These are not homeo Rx.

CPK level ?????

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