A 30 year male comes with burning sensation and mild pain around anal opening, no bleeding, no history of chronic constipation only constipating for recent 5 to 6days, non diabetic, normotensive. What is the dx & tx please



Fissure in ano Sentinel pile Xylocaine jelly locally@ Combiflam tab Sati sago powder

Its Anal skin tag, but final diagnosis is done only after proctoscopy, to rule out heamarhoids. treatment is excision

It may be due to eat much spicy food

@anal fissure with sentinel piles.

Lateral sphincterotomy

Ca anal canal lake biopsy and STAGING cemo and RT

Agree with Dr nirmal seenan.PR and proctoscopy finding are must for the diagnosis

B/l sentinal tags with anal fissure/ ulcers lying deep to them. TT excision of tags with lateral or dorsal sphinctertomy according to ulcers. Before this exact diagnosis needs to be made by proctoscopy and after with biopsy report.

Anal fissure

Dr. Mayor Mibang Sir please share your views

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