A 30 year old man had road traffic accident and sustained fracture of femur. Two days later he developed sudden breathlessness. The most probable cause can be ?



The Xray picture and the management offered doesnt match the age of the patient. The proximal femoral physis is still open for a 30 yr old which is extremely unusual. Besides Titanium elastic nail is not an acceptable treatment at that age. As regards breathlessness...there can be several causes for it...but Fat embolism and DVT with Pulmonary embolism should be investigated and ruled out

Fat embolism most common

Should be investigated for pul.embolism,fat embolism.Excessive int.haemorrhage esp.in case of femur fracture can also be a .cause

Fat/pulmonary embolism

Fat embolism

Probably, fat embolism syndrome. D dimer, 2 d echo, pulmonary CT angio And there x-rays are definitely not of a 30 yr old.

? Pulmonary Embolism.

Fat embolism

Pulmonary embolism

Sudden breathlessness is due to fat embolism which more common in long bone fractures .

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