A 32 year old female presented for the treatment of infertility. HSG is attached. Give your diagnosis and treatment approach.




* Koch's Salpingitis. * Check for TOTCH tests of both the partner. * Tubal blockege. * BICORNUATE Uterus. ( A bicornuate uterus is a type of congenital uterine malformation or müllerian duct anomalies in which the uterus appears to be heart-shaped. Bicornuate uteri have two conjoined cavities whereas a typical uterus has only one cavity. * Surgical correction is advised.

HSG shows that junction of fallopian tube with uterus is completely occluded on both sides That must be most likely cause of infertility Tuberculosis is one of the important cause of blockage of fallopian tube It need to be investigated

In this case tuberculosis is not the primary cause of infertility.it is the congenial abnormality obvious by the HSG.bicornuate bi cornis uterus.

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It is a case of Bicornuate uterus, there is little bit of tubal blockage by lap it can cleared ask the pt.menstral history

Bicornuate uterus. Aopoears bilateral blockage. Not to be confirmed by another try with smooth muscle relaxant

Hysteroscopic uterine biopsy gives much confirmation in view of tb

B/L tubal blockage. Adv. Hysteroscopy Adv. TB gold & Mantoux

Bilateral tubal block. Needs further evaluation also.

Bilateral tubal blockage ivf

Blocked fallopian tubes

Bilateral cornual block

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