A 33 years male patient with history of trauma. complaints of pain over shoulder. pain increased during activity. patient is hypertensive and non diabetic. please diagnose and suggest treatment..


Undisplaced glenoid rim # nsaids sos give shoulder immobiliser for 3-4weeks then start physiotherapy

Undisplaced glenoid rim# . Give shoulder immobiliser for 3-4 weeks then start physiotherapy.

# Glenoid rim in situ

I think he has undisplaced glenoid rim fracture

Increase calcium diet will better treatment for this type of cases because calcium is important for bone

Thanks Dr for your suggestions.

Fracture of Acromion Process

Glenoid rim fracture, shoulder immobilized and after 3 to 4 weeks after that physiotherapy

Need CT shoulder

Shoulder joint dislocation

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