A 35 year old lady came with c/o of pain over the lateral aspect of tongue for 1 year.. h/o recurrence present...h/o weight loss present.. L/E a chronic non healing ulcer seen ..does not bleed on touch .. painful condition Dx????



History of any systemic problems? Rule out diabetes Chronic non healing ulcer with erythematosus region on lateral border of tongue Suggestive of CA tongue D/d pemphigus Erosive lichen planus Rule out vesiculo bullous lesions Topical steroids combined with anaesthetics Vitamin supplements Confirm with biopsy

Thank you doctor

Send the lesion for biopsy Duration of lesion, its recurrence and non healing all suggestive of sqamous cell carcinoma. Could be major apthae or traumatic ulcer also. Refer to a dentist. Do cbc, rbs, elisa

I agree.

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Blood picture required .....ontological picture of site..plz refer to oncology centre

Looks like squamous cell carcinoma......please go for biopsy ...good luck

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Biopsy for proper investigation Might be traumatic ulcer

Without biopsy,how can be conclud.

Might be traumatic ulcer

Squamous cell carcinoma

You need excisional biopsy to confirm Dx DD : squamous cell carcinoma

First rule out the possibility of squamous cell carcinoma by biopsy..

? Malignant Biopsy Histopathology

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