A 35 yrs old female comes with c/o itching on above lesion of rt. leg .....since 2 yrs. no h/o Dm or htn...routine inestn WNL What is dd n treat....


Ask for the personal and family history of allergy...like similar lesions, asthma, allergic rhinitis etc...ask for seasonal exacerbations, any specific allergy....if present then it is Atopic dermatitis...treat with topical steroids like mometazone....and moisturizing in between.....if itching persists prescribe her levocitrizine hs.

No such history mam....

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LICHEN PLANUS HYPERTROPHICUS tt - oral antihistamine along with potent topical steroid. also intralesional steroid in resistant plaques can given.

Intralesional steroid .....any specific

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Hypertrophic lichen planus. Potent topical steroids under occlusion or intralesional steroids. Antihistamines to control pruritus.

Lichen planus

diagnosis Eczema/hypertrophicus to given treatment as follows as Rx tab doxicyclline100 tab atrax25 tab fusys150 ointment h h salicylic & moisturising cream apply for 28 days

Lichen planus, advised systemic anti fungal.

lichen planus

hypertrophic lichen planus

Lichen nodularis

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